Automotive Services That Go Beyond Your Expectations

More than products and commodities, Lube-Tech provides automotive customers with unmatched services, solutions and support systems to make operations efficient, profitable and reliable.

Here to Make Your Job Easier

Whether you’re a new auto shop, soon-to-break-ground, automotive dealership, service center, repair shop, tire shop, quick-lube, vehicle wash or other related business, Lube-Tech provides many of the services you will depend on.

What We Do and How We Go About It

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Life cycle fluid management with competitively priced and regulation-compliant recycling solutions for automotive oils, fuels, filters and other materials.
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Equipment Design, Installation and Service

New builds to site upgrades, equipment additions to routine maintenance, Lube-Tech provides innovative technology and thinking to optimize your operations and budget.
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Laboratory Analysis, Testing and Formulation

User trial support, in-house testing and additional scientific methods help you validate performance, enhance products or provide predictive maintenance and trend analysis.
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Fuel Testing

Periodic sampling and analysis of fuel is important for early detection of harmful contaminates. Early action will minimize the risk of costly problems.

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Vehicle Wash Solutions

We assist with designing, installing and servicing vehicle wash systems — including in-bay automatic, tunnel and self-serve options. Lube-Tech also provides a complete line of chemicals, cleaning agents and detail products.

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Private Label

Boost revenue with custom-formulated and tested private-label lubricants and other automotive fluids.
"Our main focus here is taking care of customers, not monitoring oil levels, or managing our fluid inventory. Thanks to Lube-Tech, we can spend more time focusing on our customers, which is priority #1."
Polar Chevrolet
White Bear Lake, MN

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Knowledge To Accelerate Your Performance

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Let’s Make Tomorrow a Little Bit Better Than Today

What automotive service challenges are you facing? Share your thoughts and ask for our advice. Helping businesses improve is what Lube-Tech is all about.