Comprehensive Laboratory Services

At Lube-Tech, our laboratory services offer cutting-edge technology resources and know-how from industry veterans who can help solve your diverse engineering challenges. From product formulation to analysis and testing, count on the Lube-Tech lab to be your dedicated partner.

State-of-the-Art Laboratory

Using world-class technology to solve everyday challenges.

As your full-service partner, we’ll put our R&D facilities to work to meet your unique performance demands. We’re equipped with today’s most advanced development and diagnostic equipment, managed by our innovative chemists and specialists who won’t stop until your engine has reached its full potential.

The Lube-Tech lab develops over 100 different custom formulas a year, including oil, antifreeze, cleaners, and grease. Our chemists conduct over 8,000 analyses of customer fluids annually and work in conjunction with our engine testing lab to run hundreds of tests every year.

Our Laboratory Services

Chemist swirling oil

Fluid Customization

Our talented team of R&D chemists formulate some of the world’s most advanced, engineer-approved fluids that set the OEM standards for the industry. We develop custom fluids for some of the worlds leading OEM brands in the marine, powersports, outdoor power equipment and heavy-duty sectors.

oil samples lined up

Used Oil Analysis

Stay ahead of equipment failures with our used fluid analysis kits for both fleet and industrial applications. Routine sample testing allows for better tracking of equipment performance and helps extend engine life. Our used oil services are customizable based on your specific equipment needs.

Fuel Testing

The best defense against costly, fuel-related engine problems is a proper fuel test. Maintaining your on-site fuel throughout the changing seasons is critical to equipment and engine longevity. The Lube-Tech lab is equipped with the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment to detect issues and develop a treatment plan if needed.

Fluid pouring from bottle

Trend Analysis

Knowing exactly when to change out fluids is critical in maintaining your machinery. We work extensively with our customers to monitor and evaluate fluid life. Our personalized service is centered on keeping your machinery running, making your fluids last longer and extending your drain intervals, even in extreme temperatures or environments.

8,000 fluid analyses

The Lube-Tech lab performs over 8,000 customer fluid analyses each year, helping to save money, reduce downtime, decrease oil consumption and offer critical insights into equipment health.

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It’s critical to keep your heavy-duty equipment and machines in good condition. One of the best ways to do so is fluid analysis. …
As a business owner or machinist, you know dirty equipment runs worse, looks worse and can lead to some very large issues. …
As the global demand for information increases, thanks to internet usage, cloud services and other storage demands. The need for data center infrastructure to …

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