High-Performance Marine
Engine Oils and Fluids

Lube-Tech offers premium marine engine oils, lubricants and fluids to assist in the management of boat, marine engines, and personal watercraft through the extreme conditions on the water by utilizing innovative formulations.

Marine Offerings

Marine Products

We design boat and marine engine oils and fluids that maintain performance in extreme conditions, aid in long-term storage, and handle high load running. Our chemists take into consideration all potential environments, from freshwater to saltwater, creating formulas that can withstand extreme environments and operating conditions. 

Lube-Tech also works closely with the National Marine Manufacturers Association to blend to its standards ensuring compliance. With Lube-Tech marine oils and fluids you can rest assured that your marine equipment will be taken care of. 

Marine Services

We offer in-house custom marine fluid development that meet or exceed industry performance standards, in-house engine testing and our lab applies additional scientific methods to help you validate performance and bring your products to market. 

Our in-house marketing group will also help you design your packaging, and assist in the marketing of your marine oils and other products through a variety of channels, including retail point-of-sale, or online channels.

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