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Lube-Tech provides advanced custom blended lubricant solutions to accelerate and maintain performance in industrial manufacturing applications. Our team of experts, including tribologists and chemists, can provide custom formulations, in-depth fluid analysis and other services to help your business run better.

Best-in-Class Industrial Offerings

At Lube-Tech, we develop and produce lubricants for even the most complex equipment. Whether you’re a food processor, printer, energy company or medical device company, we understand the need for the right lubricants to keep your equipment working at peak performance today and well into the future.

What We Offer

Our full line of products covers your operation from front to back. Our team of experts formulate, analyze, test and customize fluids to keep your machinery running at peak performance. Lube-Tech’s extensive product line includes industrial manufacturing fluids, food-grade lubricants, cutting & grinding fluids, metalworking coolants, and more.

Our Services

We work with you to create efficient, high-performing solutions that match your unique business needs. By providing  best-in-class fluid analysis, recycling,  industrial services and more, Lube-Tech provides the services you need to accelerate your performance. Let us help you consolidate multiple suppliers into one trusted partner.

Sump Cleaning

Lube-Tech’s “Certified Clean” sump cleaning service includes a coolant monitoring program that ensures coolant is mixed properly, bacteria is controlled, and coolant quality is maintained.


These premium, high performance industrial lubricants and chemicals are designed in the state-of-the-art Lube-Tech laboratory for a wide variety of industrial grade applications.

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Golden Valley, MN – May 18, 2020  Lube-Tech, a locally-owned company with roots going back to 1925, reports its new 111,725 square foot facility …
Nothing can be more frustrating to a machinist than premature tool wear. This not only costs money in tooling, it results in longer job …
STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers), one of the largest professional societies in the field of machine lubrication, serves 15,000 industry professionals worldwide. …

Product Data and Safety Data Sheets

Review and download all PDS and SDS from the Lube-Tech resources library.


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