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Comprehensive Fluid Recycling Services

We know the steps related to waste management can be difficult. Having a trusted partner to help you navigate the process, regulations, supplies and maintenance is invaluable. As the market leader in fluid solutions, we can take care of your oil recycling pick-up needs.

One Stop Recycling

Full service done right.

Lube-Tech offers oil recycling pick-up services across your shop to help you stay on top of regulations and avoid fines. Trust the lubricant experts to handle all your oil-related waste streams and help make your business more sustainable. We can also provide you with the drums, totes, tanks and labels your shop needs for waste fluids.

Our full complement of recycling services includes:

  • Used Oil & Coolant/Anti-freeze
  • Used Filters
  • Absorbents (Floor Dry & Pads)
  • Waste Fuel (Diesel & Gasoline)
  • Waste Grease
  • Oily Water / Machine Coolants
  • Flam Traps (Vacuum Truck Service)
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Environmental Services

Managing your fluid waste streams from cradle to grave.

Let the experts at Lube-Tech bring our fluid management skills to your recycling needs. We can assist you with government-compliant petroleum waste stream management. Waste profiling and annual activity reports document your compliance, helping to simplify government reporting. 

Remember when recycling:

  • Never mix fluids unless you have been explicitly told you can
  • Place materials into dedicated containers and label using standard names
  • Keep drain pans separate
  • Always be conscious of what fluids are in close proximity to each other
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As the first and only licensed oily water treatment facility in the state of Minnesota, Lube-Tech can help you minimize the risk associated with disposing of regulated waste streams.

Need help tackling fluid recycling in your shop? We’re Here to Help.

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Product Data and Safety Data Sheets

Review and download lubricant PDS and SDS from the Lube-Tech resources library.

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