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Accelerate Your Business with Our Fluid and Equipment Services

It takes more than just fluids to keep your business flowing. Lube-Tech is your one-stop shop for the services that reduce your downtime, increase productivity and provide a safe work environment for your team.

Our Comprehensive Service Portfolio

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Recycling & Environmental Services

Lube-Tech’s comprehensive recycling services handle all of your used oils, coolants, greases, filters, oily water and more. We provide environmental reports and waste profiling to help you avoid fines, comply with environmental regulations and make your business more sustainable.

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Industrial Services

Short on labor? Need to keep your machinists productive? Let our Maintenance 360® team handle all of the industrial service needs in your shop. From CNC machine cleaning and filtration to industrial cleaning and fluid reconditioning, our service portfolio protects both your employees and equipment. 

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Equipment Design, Installation, & Service

Lube-Tech not only supplies equipment, we help you find the design that works best, provide expert installation and ongoing service and repair. Our equipment knowledge can help streamline your shop and keep employees safe.

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Laboratory Analysis, Testing, & Formulation

The Lube-Tech lab can enhance proven fluids by custom-tailoring them to your equipment. In addition, routine sample testing of oils, coolants and fluids allows for better tracking of equipment performance and helps extend lubricant life. 

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Private Label Engine Testing

Lube-Tech’s 5,600-sq foot engine testing facility was developed to optimize our fluids and products created for our private label powersports, outdoor power equipment and marine partners. It includes test cells with dynamometers and a marine tank for testing outboard engines. 

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Lube-Tech recycles over 3,000,000 gallons of used oil and 2,250,000 pounds of used oil filters each year.

Short on labor? Let the service team at Lube-Tech keep you running smoothly.

Knowledge To Accelerate Your Performance

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Product Data and Safety Data Sheets

Review and download all PDS and SDS from the Lube-Tech resources library.


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