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One-Stop Shop for Equipment Design, Installation and Service

In need of new equipment, but not sure where to start? The team of expert equipment specialists at Lube-Tech will assist you every step of the way, whether you are building from the ground up or replacing old equipment. We can customize the design and equipment installation process to fit the needs of your operation.

Your Comprehensive Equipment Partner

Lube-Tech proudly offers equipment installation, service and maintenance support for any sized operation.

We deliver superior assistance for new construction, equipment additions, and existing site upgrades. Lube-Tech collaborates with you every step of the way to see your vision through. All while complying with regulations and preserving your equipment’s longevity to maintain safe and operable conditions. Keep your employees and your shop safe by scheduling regular service on key equipment, performed by Lube-Tech’s experienced technicians. 

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Our Equipment Services

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Equipment Design

Our expert team will assist you in creating a streamlined equipment design and will manage the project from start to finish. We can also assist with lube room design and optimization to help keep your operation safe and productive.

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Equipment Supply

With access to local inventory, we can quickly provide premium brands of the industry’s most trusted equipment including tanks, meters, reels, hoses, fluid handling, vehicle lifts and more.

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Installation & Support

Our factory-trained, certified technicians will ensure your equipment installation project is done professionally and safely. We offer equipment start-up training to ensure your operation is set up for success.

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Maintenance & Service

We provide ongoing preventive maintenance inspections to help maintain equipment quality and safety. We offer on-site equipment inspection and service programs on lifts, oil meters, storage tanks and more.

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Lube-Tech’s experienced and certified equipment technicians can inspect and service all vehicle lifts and oil meters regardless of brand. 

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What equipment challenges are you facing? Share your thoughts and ask for our advice. Helping businesses improve is what Lube-Tech is all about.

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