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A high-performing facility operates with premium equipment. At Lube-Tech we recognize what it takes to drive performance, which is why our equipment is designed for streamlined operations. As a national supplier of equipment, we will design, install, and maintain all new equipment at your facility. We even offer customized solutions to help enhance your business and your bottom line.

Your Comprehensive Equipment Partner

Lube-Tech proudly offers service, installation, and maintenance support for all of your equipment needs.

We deliver superior assistance for new construction, equipment additions, and existing site upgrades. Lube-Tech collaborates with you every step of the way to see your vision through complying with regulations and preserving your equipment’s longevity to maintain safe and operable conditions. Keep your employees and your shop safe by scheduling regular service on key equipment, performed by Lube-Tech’s experienced technicians. 

We'll Enhance Your Facility's Equipment

Equipment Design

Our expert team will assist you in creating streamlined equipment that meets and exceeds your needs. We will even customize solutions for your operation.

Equipment Supply

With access to local inventory, we can quickly provide support and a wide array of product solutions including tanks, meters, reels, hoses, fluid handling, lifts, and more.

Installation & Support

Our factory-trained, certified technicians will ensure that you have a professional installation and continued support after your equipment is installed.

Maintenance & Service

We create an on-going relationship with all our customers to ensure your supported at any stage, including: emergency equipment service and preventative maintenance inspections to maintain quality.

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Knowledge To Accelerate Your Performance

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Let's Make Tomorrow a Little Bit Better Than Today.

What equipment challenges are you facing? Share your thoughts and ask for our advice. Helping businesses improve is what Lube-Tech is all about.