Premium High-Performance Lubricants

From passenger cars to precision manufacturing machines, premium lubricants keep engines healthy and performing their best. Count on Lube-Tech to bring your business everything from small packaged cases to large bulk deliveries of high-performing oils and lubricants.

Your Full-Service Lubrication Partner

Fluids developed, tested, and proven to accelerate your performance.

As one of the nation’s largest blenders, packagers, and distributors of lubricants, Lube-Tech is experienced in creating high-performing fluids for many specialty industries. We partner with some of the world’s largest OEM brands to create unique fluids for their private label offering. Our lubricant product development includes:

  • 2-Cycle Oil
  • 4-Cycle Oil
  • Bar & Chain Oil
  • Grease
  • Oil Change Kits
  • Specialty Fluids
Oil splashing

Strategic Partnerships to Keep You Running

Decades of experience and expertise at your fingertips.

Lube-Tech is the official ExxonMobil distributor for Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa approved to handle bulk and packaged Mobil™ lubricants. ExxonMobil, a U.S. based company, is recognized as one of the world’s largest lubricant manufacturers.

Our chemists and tribologists develop premium lubricants in the Lube-Tech lab that deliver high-performance and application longevity. We also develop our own line of LUBE-TECH ENDURANCE fluids specifically formulated for automotive, fleet, and industrial applications. Our lubricant distribution portfolio includes:

  • Engine Oils
  • Gear Lubricants
  • Grease
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Transmission Fluids
  • Drive Train Fluids
  • Machine Lubricants
  • Maintenance Lubricants
pouring oil into an engine

The Lube-Tech lab develops over 100 new custom fluid formulations each year.

Are your Fluids meeting the demands of your equipment?

Knowledge To Accelerate Your Performance

The function of grease is very similar to oil however grease and oil are not interchangeable. Grease is used when it is not practical …
Not only does food processing and packaging machinery need effective lubrication to function properly, but, because of its proximity to food, it also must …
About 30 years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified used oil as a regulated waste, meaning that used oil must be “recycled” and …

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Product Data and Safety Data Sheets

Review and download PDS and SDS from the Lube-Tech resources library.