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Lube-Tech is a dedicated private label lubricant manufacturer for the world’s leading OEMs in powersports, outdoor power equipment, marine, and specialty engines. Through our advanced technology, we can provide innovative solutions that drive performance and engine life.

Lubricant Expertise

Ensuring high-quality blending and production of your private label fluids.

After our fluid design and development is complete, the large scale fluid manufacturing begins. Lube-Tech is one of the nation’s largest blenders and developers of high-performance lubricants and fluids. Our blending and distribution facilities in Minnesota, Louisiana, and Switzerland produce products that are distributed around the globe. We have a wide variety of blending capabilities throughout or operations, including back-up production contingencies. In addition, our offering includes bulk gallons all the way down to small, 2oz. bottles. 

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We Manufacture Fluids For:

largest producer

Lube-Tech is the largest producer of 2-cycle engine oil in North America.

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Knowledge To Accelerate Your Performance

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