Fleet Success Stories

Every solution starts with one thing - Listening. Hearing where there is an opportunity improve, or identifying what the underlying issues might be. Read below for a few examples of fleet success stories where we listened to the problem, and found the best solution.

Finding Solutions to Fluid Problems

A large construction customer in Iowa had always run all Caterpillar equipment. Due to some changes in their work, they began incorporating some Case IH units into their fleet. Our Lube-Tech Territory Manager saw the different manufacturer present on the lot and asked about the hydraulic fluid they were using. He realized that Case IH and Caterpillar have different requirements and specifications for their hydraulic systems. When he brought this information to the Fleet Supervisor, the supervisor confirmed they had a recent hydraulic failure. He worked with the Fleet Supervisor and VP of Operations, and after reviewing the Case IH manual determined they were using the wrong hydraulic fluid.

No fleet wants multiple products, so with the help of the Lube-Tech Lab and Product Managers, we were able to recommend a different hydraulic fluid which can be used in both Caterpillar and Case IH. The construction company has had no additional failures and didn’t need to add additional product to their shop.  

Hand Mixing Oil in Laboratory

Helping to Create an Efficient Trucking Business

A large trucking customer purchased another carrier with locations in several states outside of our service area. The company asked Lube-Tech to help with the onboarding of this acquisition so all locations and tractors would be using the same fluids.

Working with ExxonMobil™, we were able to not only consolidate fluids, but also help improve the efficiency of each of the new shops with training and by leveraging our relationships with distributors in other states. With our vehicle wash capabilities, we are currently working on truck washes for several locations also. Now this company is running multiple shops in several states with ordering and billing all done through one company, Lube-Tech.  

Fleet trucks driving down road

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It’s critical to keep your heavy-duty equipment and machines in good condition. One of the best ways to do so is fluid analysis. …
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