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Internal labor is closely monitored and often in short supply. The use of an external service is an effective way to minimize your machine downtime and reduce overall labor costs. The comprehensive Certified Clean industrial service portfolio from Lube-Tech offers solutions that cover your facility from front to back. Letting our experts handle these industrial services also keep your employees safe from potentially dangerous equipment or cleaning processes.

Industrial Fluid

Our Industrial Service Offering

Coolant Monitoring

Expert coolant monitoring from Lube-Tech includes collecting and tracking coolant data. This information helps ensure coolant is mixed properly and the quality is maintained throughout its service life. 

Sump Cleaning

Bacteria living in sumps create odor problems and skin problems such as dermatitis. A standardized CNC sump cleaning service can improve overall shop hygiene and operator safety while minimizing downtime and reducing labor costs.

Dry Ice Cleaning

Do your electrical control panels or other delicate equipment need to be cleaned, but you’re not quite sure how to proceed safely? Dry ice cleaning is the perfect solution for tough-to-clean surfaces. It does not require water or create waste.

Fluid Filtration

The majority of hydraulic components and bearing failures are caused by lube oil and hydraulic fluid and hydraulic oil contamination. Fluid filtration services remove particulates down to meet the suggested cleanliness level for optimum performance and equipment life.

Oily Water Recycling

Unlike crankcase applications, industrial oils are typically emulsions. In order to be recycled, the emulsion must be broken, and the water removed. Lube-Tech’s proprietary process removes metals from oily water, making it safe to discharge in the sewer.

Vacuum Dehydration

Restore optimal performance and recommended operating levels. Our vacuum dehydration process removes water contamination, extends component and bearing life, minimizes downtime, maximizes fluid life, and lowers fluid disposal costs.

Predictive Maintenance

Do you anticipate and address machinery breakdowns before they happen? Keep equipment in optimal condition and minimize unanticipated downtime with our regularly scheduled maintenance plan.

Sanitizing Service

24/7 response featuring uniformed technicians equipped with proper PPE and prepared with state-of-the-art equipment. Rapid result environmental testing lab services help you manage COVID-19 in your facility.

Tank Cleaning

Lube-Tech provides a wide range of tank and fluid containment cleaning services. We provide cleaning for oil tanks, fuel tanks, flam traps, and evaporators, along with vacuum service for any old fluids that need to be disposed of. 

Certified Clean

Short on labor? The Lube-Tech industrial services team takes the dirty work off your hands and keeps your machinists safe and productive.

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