Shop Supplies

Managing multiple vendors can become a hassle. We offer premium shop supplies that allow you to stock high-performing solutions for all your shop needs.

Simplify and Stock the Best​

Our priority is to enable you to run a smarter, more productive shop.

Lube-Tech’s products are all offered at competitive prices, making it simple to switch from using multiple vendors to one. Our streamlined service, including fluid analysis, delivers all the product solutions that you will need to tackle virtually any demand. When you partner with Lube-Tech we guarantee that you will have access to more solutions, less paperwork, and more streamlined deliveries.

Product Offering

With over 80 years in the fluid handling and delivery industry, Lube-Tech knows what it takes to run an efficient operation, and we know what shop supplies you may need to do so. With each delivery to your location, Lube-Tech will carry all product solutions that meet your unique needs. We will make stocking supplies simple and streamlined for your shop, lobby, office and break room, offering products such as:

  • Absorbent Pads
  • Detailing Supplies
  • Filters
  • Floor Dry
  • Foamers
  • Paper Products
  • Proportioners
  • Refractometers
  • Miscellaneous Supplies

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Knowledge To Accelerate Your Performance

Above all else, the health and safety of your workers is the most important priority in the shop. In metalworking, microparticles can cause dermatitis, …
Some fluids utilized in the manufacturing industry are water-dilutable coolants, which are oil-in-water dilutions used for machining. Coolants must operate within a specific concentration …
Lubricant suppliers such as ExxonMobil do not recommend use of their lubricants beyond the stated shelf life. But for the average user, identifying an …

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Product Data & Safety Data Sheets

Review and download all PDS and SDS from the Lube-Tech resources library.