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Lube-Tech Blending Process Emphasizes Training

Lube-Tech’s commitment to quality starts with our commitment to our customers. We know the importance of putting the best fluids in the best engines

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Lube-Tech’s commitment to quality starts with our commitment to our customers. We know the importance of putting the best fluids in the best engines in the world. Whether it is an outboard motor, an ATV, lawn equipment or any other vehicle or type of machinery, the fluids are a critical part of giving it power and performance.

Each year, we mix approximately 300 formulations, utilizing 400-some additive systems. Every batch we create is meticulously crafted, rigorously tested and carefully packaged before it goes out the door. We take pride in our ability to create fluids that accelerate your performance.

To maintain the highest level of excellence,Roseville Facility Photos 5 27 21 24 our blending team members goes through a comprehensive certification process before he or she is qualified to operate the equipment to mix product. “This is an internal process – there are no industry requirements,” states Dave VanHaften, Blending Manager at our Golden Valley facility, “but we do it to ensure that we are meeting our own quality standards.

The program takes several months to complete and each blending associate is trained on five key areas.

  • Fluid Education – Detailed information on the various fluids Lube-Tech manufactures
  • Identification of Materials – Extensive training on base oils and everything that is used in blends
  • Sampling Process – Instructions on how we get samples, what is done with them and how results are recorded
  • Manifold and Systems – Guidance on how our blending tanks work, how to use them and how to conduct basic maintenance and cleaning
  • Computer Transactions – Directions on using the computers associated with blending, recording information and making sure transactions and communications are properly done

Lube-Tech takes the blending process very seriously and created this training to ensure those who are interested in this role are knowledgeable, capable and ready to take on this important responsibility. We have six certified blending experts in Golden Valley and four blenders in our Shreveport facility. These individuals have all spent numerous hours training and learning to blend fluids safely and properly.

Roseville Facility Photos 5 27 21 47Last year, we blended about 9.2 million gallons in our Golden Valley facility and upwards of 7 million more in Shreveport. Batches range from 5 gallons up to 30,000 gallons. Regardless of the size, each was handled with an equal amount of care. We’re well on our way to equal or increase that output in 2022. As Mike Leighton, Blending Manager in Shreveport said, “While we blend millions of gallons a year, we want and need every gallon to be precisely and safely measured to meet required specifications”

Throughout the process, we take thorough steps to maintain the purity of every batch of fluid. Every tank is cleaned and rinsed between batches. Likewise, we use extensive testing to ensure that fluids meet the proper specifications at every step of the process. For example, fluids are tested during the blending process, before a packaging run is started, randomly throughout the run, and again at the end. Every batch is tested multiple times between start and finish! As Quality Director Michelle Brakke explains, “If the fluid moves from one place to another, we test it. This ensures product integrity is maintained. And if, at any time, something doesn’t look right with the mixture, we immediately stop and make sure it is right.”

If you want to learn more about how we can formulate fluids for your needs, reach account to your Account Manager or contact us.

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