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Fluids That Make Your Business More Sustainable

At Lube-Tech, everything we do is focused on our purpose — make tomorrow a little bit better than today. As part of our business

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At Lube-Tech, everything we do is focused on our purpose — make tomorrow a little bit better than today. As part of our business model, we’re committed to environmental sustainability and to make a significant positive impact on the environment by promoting sustainable initiatives. Here are some ways Lube-Tech can help make your business more sustainable:


Most people recognize recycling as a significant part of environmental sustainability. Additionally, a major part of our environmental sustainability plan is developing fluids that accelerate performance, as well as fluids from recycled products and biodegradable cleaners.

A well-tuned engine is more reliable and dependable, but more importantly, it uses less energy has less of an impact on the environment. Having higher quality fluids translates to optimized machine performance and, subsequently, requires less fuel and other critical fluids.

Our team of chemists, tribologists and fluid experts develop over 100 custom formulas each year. We work to develop and produce fluids that optimize your engines, machinery and other equipment. Similarly, we conduct over 8,000 analyses of customer products annually and work in conjunction with our engine testing lab to run hundreds of other tests to maximize fluid efficiency in specific applications.

MR1340 Sustainability Infographic Fleet And Industrial Fluid Analysis 2 01 1

Re-Refined Fluids

Each year, Lube-Tech recycles about 3 million gallons of fluids. We then process much of this recycled oil and convert it back to re-useable fluids. For example, we’re able to put the recycled oil through a “light process” where the oil is filtered of non-soluble contaminants and de-watered to formulate as a burner fuel. It is sold in bulk and is typically used to heat aggregate to produce asphalt.

MR1340 Sustainability Infographic Recycling Oil 1


In addition to oil and other fluids to make engines run better, we also formulate products that are engineered for efficiency as well as environmental responsibility. Because so many of these products are rinsed with water, it is important to think about these fluids going down drains or running off into sewers. Approximately 80% of the cleaning products developed by the Lube-Tech laboratory are biodegradable. Furthermore, our cleaners do not contain environmental toxins and we pay attention to emerging water conservation and protection initiatives, ensuring continual compliance of all regulations. It’s just another way that we are protecting our planet and our environment.

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Your Sustainability Plan

Environmental sustainability is on the minds of many company leaders. You may already have a plan in place; or you may be thinking about what you can do to help future generations. As you research fluids to run your equipment and cleaners to keep it looking great, consider the long-term effects and go with the ones that will last longer and have less impact on the environment. At Lube-Tech, we’re the fluid experts. You can lean on us to learn more about how you can minimize your impact on the environment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business be more sustainable.

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