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Bulletproof Your Lifts

Lifts are an important part of your business. If your lifts aren’t working properly, it presents a safety issue and may cause downtime that

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Lifts are an important part of your business. If your lifts aren’t working properly, it presents a safety issue and may cause downtime that could cost you money. Your staff should inspect your lifts daily. Likewise, according to the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), in cooperation with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), lifts must be inspected annually by a Certified Lift Inspector.

Certified Inspectors

ALI was established over 75 years ago “to promote the safe design, construction, installation, inspection, and use of automotive lifts.” The ALI Lift Certification Program is the only accredited program that meets the ANSI/ALI certification and product safety listing requirements. Having properly working lifts is way too important to trust it to just anyone. Certified inspectors will be familiar with the electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems of any given lift. Lube-Tech Equipment & Wash Solutions (EWS) technicians not only inspect lifts but also install them and maintain them.

With installation and maintenance experience, Lube-Tech’s technicians have start-to-finish knowledge of lifts. They’re willing and able to perform in-depth inspections at any time.

However, it’s important to do your part as well. Daily inspections are a must to spot problems early. To help, have your staff use the following checklist as preventative care.

Daily Lift Inspection Checklist

  • Ensure lift controls are working properly
  • Verify all safety lockouts and restraints are working correctly
  • Check for deformation or excessive wear of any lift components
  • Look for damage or excessive wear on any of the lift contact points
  • Confirm there are no hydraulic leaks
  • Search for cracks or loose concrete around floor anchors

By taking these simple steps regularly, you can lessen the chance of a sudden lift failure that could prevent significant downtime for your business.

Furthermore, make sure your lifts are inspected annually. Safety is a high priority at Lube-Tech – not only in our buildings but also in our customers’ facilities. We promote the safe installation, inspection, and use of all light and heavy-duty vehicle lifts. Our experienced equipment technicians can inspect and service all lifts, regardless of brand, to ensure they meet ANSI/ALI certification.

If you need to schedule a Lift Inspection, contact us.

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