Fuel Testing Laboratory

The best defense against costly, fuel-related engine problems is a proper fuel test. Maintaining your on-site fuel throughout the changing seasons can be a challenge. Having the right tools and knowledge is critical in making decisions to preserve the quality life of your fuel and protect your investment in the long run.

Maintaining Your Fuel

lab tech with beaker of fluid
advanced testing tools

We are equipped with the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment in our laboratory that enables us to detect lubricant product problems early on, ensuring ASTM standards are met.

testing packages

Our fuel test packages are designed to provide recommendations for quality, regulations, and fuel longevity. We provide viscosity index metrics as well as testing for a variety of problems such as fuel stability, microbial growth, flash point, tank corrosion issues, and carbon residue.

treatment & solutions
After we analyze the fuel, we provide a comprehensive explanation of our findings including treatment recommendations. We can treat your fuel using high-quality fuel additives or vac service to remove free water or bad fuel.
Lab technician customized solutions
follow up
We like to make fuel testing an on-going practice; thus, we continue to maintain your fuel through follow up treatments and testing. Testing is recommended twice per year for above/below ground storage tanks and quarterly for critical generators.

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Knowledge To Accelerate Your Performance

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