State-of-the-Art Engine Testing

At Lube-Tech, we believe deeper insights lead to greater innovations. Our industry-leading on-site engine testing facility is available to run hundreds of hours of analysis with your engines and the fluids designed for them. This innovative, state-of-the-art facility helps determine the perfect lubricant for your small engine.

Testing Services Customized for your Specific Application

We are your fluid experts comprised of chemists and test engineers, formulating lubricants that are designed for your specific engine. Our high-tech testing facility can run tests that verify the lubricant mixture is ideal for a particular engine’s appetite. Housed in a 5600 square foot building with four test cells and 12 dynamometers, it can run hundreds of tests on 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines each year. The latest update to our testing capabilities includes a marine tank for outboard engines.

To protect our customers’ intellectual property, the engine testing facility is fully secured with controlled access and can run engines around the clock unattended using advanced safety systems.

Lab technician and customized solutions

Experienced Engine Engineers

Our facility is staffed by an experienced team of professionals with varied backgrounds, ranging from engine development, software, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, and more. Their extensive background is a huge part of our value proposition.

It is a differentiator that makes us a global leader in small engine lubrication, and one that can make a difference in your business.

Testing Capabilities

With the ability to run tests that simulate actual use for hundreds of hours, small engine manufacturers can push the limits of their technology.  By finding the optimum oil composition and other lubricants through our testing capabilities, manufacturers can dramatically increase the efficiencies of the lubricants, and better longevity and performance.

Without our testing capabilities, these results could not have been achieved. Contact us to ask about testing of ATV , lawn and garden, UTV, outboard and motorcycle engines.

ask us. your questions are first on our to-do list.

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Connect with Lube-Tech for more information on our engine testing capabilities. We would love to learn more about the challenges you are facing and share how we may help.