Asphalt Release Agent to Increase Your Efficiency

Making You More Efficient A key factor to consider when laying asphalt is efficiency. An easy way to increase productivity is to use a

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Making You More Efficient

A key factor to consider when laying asphalt is efficiency.

An easy way to increase productivity is to use a high-quality Asphalt Release Agent (ARA). A coating in truck beds and other surfaces asphalt contacts will prevent sticking, cuts down waste and helps clean equipment.

For decades, clean-up required diesel fuel and harsh solvents. Although these materials worked well to clean, they also caused asphalt to soften and compromised the mix quality by stripping the binder off aggregates. Most asphalt companies now use ARA because it reduces the need for clean-up, while also preventing clean-up stripping, doesn’t affect the asphalt and is more environmentally friendly.

Generally, the optimum temperature for putting down asphalt is between 50 and 85⁰ F. If temperatures are below 50⁰ F, asphalt may not bind properly and become more brittle, making it more prone to cracks and chips. Temperatures above 85-90⁰ F, on the other hand, impacts the curing and may cause the asphalt to melt.


When using an ARA, it is important to find one that has passed testing by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). In 2010, AASHTO’s National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP), developed a three-part test procedure to evaluate ARA products: a stripping test, a mixture slide test and an asphalt performance test. AASHTO standardization of products is determined by how it performs in each of these tests.

LUBE-TECH ENDURANCE-HD Asphalt Release Agent passed all three parts of the stringent AASHTO/NTPEP testing. The safe, water-based, biodegradable fluid is designed for use on asphalt forms and beds of dump or haul trucks, it is currently DOT-approved in eleven states (Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado, Kansas, Ohio, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Arizona, and South Carolina). Additionally, the biodegradable formula is approved to be used near open waterways in Minnesota and is not regulated as a dangerous good by either GHS or DOT.

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Developed from high-quality ingredients, LUBE-TECH ENDURANCE-HD Asphalt Release Agent creates an effective barrier between work pieces and hot mixed asphalt allowing for effective release, speeding up the dumping of material and lessening waste. Additionally, with a dilution mixture as low as a 10:1 ratio and re-application every three loads, it’s a cost-effective, efficient method to lay asphalt.

If you’ve been having trouble with asphalt sticking to trucks beds and other equipment, ask us about LUBE-TECH ENDURANCE-HD Asphalt Release Agent. Contact us today to learn more.

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