Pumped up: We're passionate about fueling your success

At Lube-Tech, we offer all the fuel products and support your business needs. Discover how much smoother your operation runs when it’s powered by the best-in-class fuels and responsive service from Lube-Tech pros.

Managing your supply and budget is tougher than ever

Your job is about more than securing the right fuel for your vehicles. You have to navigate a variety of complex factors to find the ideal balance between:

  • Price: paying a fair cost and protecting your budget from future spikes
  • Supply: ensuring reliable products and quantities to keep your operation flowing

Trust Lube-Tech to make your fuel management worry free

Get the one-stop solution you need to run a smooth fleet and a cost-effective operation. Our premium fuels will optimize your engine performance. Our crewswill ensure a steady supply — whether you store fuel or need daily deliveries. And our accurate ordering and billing processes will help you avoid costly delays and troubleshooting.

Best-in-class products cover every performance need

industrial fuel container

Superior fuel performance drives ultimate value. With delivery available throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas, our fuel portfolio includes:

fuel testing in the lab
  • Premium fuels with best-in-class additives — winter and summer packages to help you accelerate performance during these challenging seasons
  • High-quality Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to safeguard the environment
  • Biocides and antifreeze options to help protect your fuel supply
  • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) — for the asphalt, power generation and diesel-powered markets
  • High-quality burner fuel

Innovative technology helps you achieve critical advantages

Tap our R&D experts for the technical support that can enhance the effectiveness of both your fuels and your engines, so you can raise performance while lowering costs.

  • In-house R&D staff and resources for executing custom tests to achieve your specific goals
  • Wide-ranging fuel analyses to get to the source of problems and elevate performance
  • Comprehensive engine testing that replicates real-world conditions, so you can optimize results
  • Custom blending for biodiesel and ethanol, tailored to your engine’s performance needs while improving cost efficiencies
fuel inspectors

Can-do crew surrounds your business in support

No challenge is too great and no request is too small for our enthusiastic team, which offers solutions for every aspect of your business, including:

  • Hedging and pricing contracts to help minimize your risk
  • Custom fuel and equipment testing
  • Complete equipment installation & maintenance for on-site tanks & more
  • Unit fill services
  • Detailed vehicle usage reporting