Company History

1950's filling station

The Lube-Tech legacy dates back to 1925 with our founding companies, Gopher State Oil, Hallman Oil and Jennison Rollins Oil. In 1973, Fred Bame purchased Gopher State and expanded the company to become Minnesota’s leading automotive lubricant distributor.

In 1993, Fred’s son Chris, with his wife Marna, formed Lubrication Technologies and set the company on a course for even greater growth. With his background in petroleum engineering and his steadfast belief in customer service, Chris sought to combine high technology with a personal touch — a tenet that still defines Lube-Tech today.

Yet while we’ve grown and taken our place on the cutting edge of our industry, we’ve remained a friendly family.


A deep, rich history.

Lubrication Technologies, Inc. is the culmination of the three most recognized petroleum distributors in Minnesota: Gopher Oil Co, Rollins Oil Co and Hallman Oil Co. The oldest of these three companies is Jennison Rollins, which was founded in 1925 by John Jennison and Carl Rollins. A fourth company which would later become part of Lube-Tech, Agri-Tec Lubricants, was set up in 1946 as a lubrication company to serve the agricultural market of the Midwest. These companies shaped the lubricant and distribution business in Minnesota for the better part of a century before they would gradually merge to become the basis for the Lube-Tech we see today.

John E. Coffey purchased Jennison Rollins Oil Company in 1967 and re-named it Rollins Fuel Oil Company. In 1973 Fred Bame purchased Gopher State Oil Company and re-named it Gopher Oil Company. Five years later Bame’s company introduced Ace Lubes, a line of cutting oils and lubricants for industrial applications, laying the groundwork for what would eventually become Lube-Tech’s vast line of Industrial products. In 1980 Gopher Oil partnered with W.H. Barber Company to expand its blending and packaging capabilities.

From the time he purchased it in 1973 until current Lube-Tech owners Chris and Marna Bame purchased the company in 1993, Fred Bame grew the business into Minnesota’s leading automotive lubricants distributor. After taking over in 1993, Chris Bame re-named the company Lube-Tech and began producing the first 2-cycle engine oil for the company’s first Custom Brands customer, setting the groundwork for Lube-Tech’s position today as a worldwide leader in small engine lubrication

In 1997 Lube-Tech merged with Rollins oil which, at the time, was one of the two largest privately held oil distributors in the Twin Cities. A year later Lube-Tech launched Test-Tech, a division dedicated to high-tech analysis and testing of oils and fluids. The new millennium ushered in the launch of Lube-Tech’s water-based chemicals division which today produces such products as windshield washer fluid, DEF and coolant. In 2005 Lube-Tech began a partnership with Randt Recycling, re-naming it Lube-Tech Liquid Recycling, a division that offers full-service recycling solutions for oil, used filters, coolant and more. Two years later Lube-Tech purchased Hallman Oil Company, a move which expanded its already vast distribution capabilities and in 2010 it acquired Egan Oil Company, a move which expanded wholesale fuel distribution and added retail gasoline, wind energy and power generation. In 2012 Lube-Tech acquired JM Oil Company, establishing a stronger distribution presence in Central Minnesota. 2014 brought more changes to the business, with Lube-Tech and Mansfield Energy agreeing to acquire Yocum Oil, based out of Maplewood, MN. As a part of the partnership, Lube-Tech agreed to sell it's fuel business to Mansfield, with Lube-Tech providing exclusive regional transportation, fuel terminaling and equipment services for Mansfield in Minnesota.

With his background in petroleum engineering, as well as his steadfast belief in customer service, Chris Bame helped combine high technology with personal service; core values that define Lube-Tech today. And while Lube-Tech has grown into a global company, we’ve remained a family business in every sense. We have both customers and employees that have been with us for multiple generations which we see as a testament to the character of Lube-Tech and an indication of how we do business. We invite you to follow us as we continue to move forward, offering solutions for a world in motion!