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Of the 1.37 billion gallons of annual recoverable used oil, approximately 350 million gallons are mismanaged. At Lube-Tech, we can help you dispose of your used oils safely and legally — because it’s the right thing to do.
U.S. Department of Energy Report


One-stop recycling: Full Service Done Right.

Trust the lubricant experts to handle all your liquid and material recycling needs — from your oils to your fuels, filters and more. You'll receive a competitive price for your used oil and peace of mind in knowing that your waste stream is worry–free.

Your challenge: balancing performance, quality and cost

In today’s challenging business environment, your waste stream can be a critical source of profits — and worry, too. You have to manage three vital concerns:

  • Price: your profit goals demand that you get a fair market price for your used oil
  • Tank Management: you need to avoid cross-contamination and monitor tank levels to prevent troublesome overflows
  • Compliance: you’ll face heavy fines if you don’t follow local and national disposal guidelines

Lube-Tech takes the worries out of your waste stream.

By partnering with Lube-Tech, you’re assured of receiving the most competitive price for your oil, so you can turn your waste stream into a profit stream. And you’ll get comprehensive recycling of materials across your shop, so you can stay on top of regulations, avoid fines and protect your brand and business.

A total portfolio that takes recycling off your hands

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Our recycling portfolio extends beyond simply collecting your used oil. We’ll enhance your entire operation through our:

  • Waste stream management: handling your oils, absorbents, gas and diesel fuels, oily water, coolants, antifreeze, solvents, filters and more
  • Facilities management: use our KeepEmpty® service to ensure timely tank vacuuming and avoid overflows
  • Equipment: we’ll install and maintain bulk tanks and other key equipment on your property for safer, smarter oil storage
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Innovative technologies optimize your results

To give you the ultimate in service, at Lube-Tech, we incorporate advanced technologies and processes into every aspect of our recycling services, such as:

  • Cutting-edge equipment: including the first metering system used on pumping trucks, for the most accurate oil-level measurements
  • A full Lab staffed with chemists to analyze your waste stream and offer insights into optimizing your systems
  • Flexible processes: unlike other oil recycling services, we tailor our offerings to your needs and schedules, not ours
  • Full transparency: we are completely transparent in our recycling and disposal methods, so you’re never exposed to unexpected “downstream” problems
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Strategic support protects your business

We’re an ethical company dedicated to supporting your business with:

  • Risk management: so your waste stream won’t jeopardize your profits or image
  • Regulatory support: testing, EPA filings, guidance on local/federal laws and self-check tools
  • Smooth billing: streamlining cash-flow management
  • Simplicity: by doing it all, we simplify your paperwork and logistics

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